My Nuggets

by admin

• Stand out wherever you find yourself and do not compromise your values for any reason. (Damilare Ojo)

• Develop a new pattern of doing things and make yourself unpredictable. (Damilare Ojo)

• Give those around you reasons to change with your lifestyle. (Damilare Ojo)

• Do what you have to do at the right time to reap great results at the set time. (Damilare Ojo)

• Your kind of mindset will determine the kind of people that will get attracted to you. (Damilare Ojo)

• Not everyone is happy with your ideas, innovations and achievements. (Damilare Ojo)

• When you look down on people, you deny yourself the privilege of being looked up to. (Damilare Ojo)

• Things do not just fall in place, be resilient! (Damilare Ojo)

• Prove to the world that you are worth more than they can imagine. (Damilare Ojo)

• Make use of what you have to create a better future for yourself. (Damilare Ojo)

• You do not have the right to take your life since you did not create it. (Damilare Ojo)

• That great expectation is around the corner, all you have to do is take a chill pill. (Damilare Ojo)

• Be open, make your brain receptive and shun ignorance. (Damilare Ojo)

• Reveal the Champion in you! (Damilare Ojo)

• There is a huge difference between comporting yourself and being egocentric. (Damilare Ojo)

• Cultivate the habit of interceding for others. (Damilare Ojo)

• Wealth and material possessions will pass away but that which you have impacted into another man’s life will remain. (Damilare Ojo)

• Do not make yourself an instrument of destruction. (Damilare Ojo)

• Love is beautiful but it is perfect with the right person. (Damilare Ojo)

• Do not lower your standards just to please people. (Damilare Ojo)

• Beauty is subject to destruction only a good character can stand the test of time. (Damilare Ojo)

• Do what is best for you, feel free to stay away from environments, relationships or associations that limits you. (Damilare Ojo)

• Make short term sacrifices for long term gains. (Damilare Ojo)

Something must be experienced to enjoy another and some treasures have to be forgone to swim in pleasure. (Damilare Ojo)

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